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What truly distinguishes Casa Cardonal is the friendly and accommodating staff that is at your service.

Mino is your onsite caretaker and boat captain to take you fishing or eco-touring. Mino also provides with purified ice and water and will turn on the heat for the jacuzzi if you wish.

Francesca prepares magnificent meals for in-home dining. You can have anything from traditional Mexican fare to exquisite steak, seafood, shrimp and lobster dinners with crisp green salads. You name it, she prepares it.  Wolf Property Management can help with a meal for the date of your arrival and you can plan your meals from there directly with Francesca.

Maria-Luisa provides the Casa's daily maid service and helps Francesca with the meals and dishes.

Octavio provides transportation from the airport to the Casa. His fleet of ten vans means he can accommodate your party whenever your family and friends arrive. He also can take you on a variety of excursions throughout the East Cape area.

Hector is the owner of Wolf Property Management. They are the concierge for your visit. Wolf will arrange your transportation to the Casa and can accommodate any special requests or needs during your visit. Wolf will meet you at the property shortly after your arrival and show you the property and explain how everything works. 


Your concierge, Wolf Property Management, can arrange ground transportation to and from the airport.

Octavio's company, Turispancho, has a fleet of vans to meet your transportation and excursion needs!

The cost of the transportation to Casa Cardonal is: 

  • $130 dollars each way for the first 3 people
  • Additional $10 per person up to a maximum of 10 people per van. 
  • Car seats can be provided.

Large parties on multiple flights can always be accommodated.

Prices are subject to change w/o notice.

Octavio offers a number of excursions including:

  • Day trips to Cabo, La Paz or Todos Santos
  • Excursion to the fresh water pools in Santiago
  • Whale watching tours in February/March/April to Bahia Magdalena (2 days)
  • Snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo

If interested, ask Wolf Property Management about the prices for these excursions.


Catering services are available from Francesca. She is an amazing cook and provides in-home catering services. She will prepare whatever you desire; everything from traditional Mexican fare to exquisite steak, seafood, shrimp and lobster dinners. Dinners can include a crisp green salad and vegetables.

Although you can order whatever you wish, a breakfast can include fresh tropical fruit, fresh squeezed orange and/or grapefruit juice, eggs with bacon or chorizo, toast or tortillas and refried beans.

She also prepares a variety of appetizers including empanadas, ceviche, and guacamole with homemade tortilla chips. Lunch is also available but seldom requested as the dinners are so plentiful that they usually provide leftovers for lunch the next day.

As of the date of this posting, dinners cost $18 per person and breakfast is $13 per person plus the current 17.5% sales tax.

Prices are subject to change w/o notice.

Fishing Boat (23' Super Panga)

The Casa has its own fishing boat. You will have full access and use of the panga with Mino as your boat captain. Fishing gear and fuel is available at a rate of $250 US per day for fishing and eco-touring, or $50 US per hour for shorter use of the boat.

If you think you might want to use the boat give Wolf Property Management your credit card information. They will keep it on file and charge for your use of the boat at the end of your rental.

Also, when you go fishing, Mino will often start the day by picking up live bait. The cost of bait is usually about $20 cash.

Wolf Property Management will be able to pick up fishing licenses for you with a days notice.

ATV Rentals

ATVs can be rented and delivered to the driveway of Casa Cardonal. They are delivered to the Casa for your use. Consider renting Mino an ATV and he can show your the petroglyphs and the arroyos.

Rates per ATV as of the date of this posting:

  • 1 hour $30
  • 4 hours $80
  • 24 hours $200
  • 2 Days $300
  • 4 Days $400
  • 6 Days $500

plus 17.5% sales tax

Prices are subject to change w/o notice.